Leeks so green

The Edge is buzzing. There’s activity and excitement. Those not helping to load the van are standing at the top of the stone steps in the sunshine. Sammy poses for me with a plastic crate full of Ferrero Rocher. Jeff steps outside pulling a pair of protective goggles off his face and covered in green dust. He says he’s spent the last hour in the workshop shaping 16 foam pyramids for tonight’s game.

“I’m going to the hairdressers now,” Rhianan says to me as I walk back into the main space. “Are you coming?”

“Tell me where it is and I’ll be down later, promise.”

She gives me directions. “My nails are killing me,” she says.

I get myself a bowl of Mara’s mixed pepper soup from the café counter and sit with Laura and Ayrden who are deep in conversation. It’s clear they have known each other for a long time but, with the age difference, it can’t be from school days. With a common interest in catering they are discussing the best greengrocers in town and which of the local farms has the best produce.

“Their vegetables,” Ayrden is saying, “are incredible. I’ve never seen leeks so green or carrots that orange.”

“But they are pricey,” says Laura.

“Yeah, but beautiful veg, fantastic quality.”

I’ve heard talk this week of a community allotment. Sarah, the charity shop manager, told me about it and someone mentioned that Sean, another of the Challenge winners, was running with it as part of his ‘upcycling’ project.

“It would be great if we could cook our own locally grown food,” says Laura. With all the innovative projects I’ve heard about so far this week: the theatre group, the craft classes, sports sessions, the training and mentoring, I can’t believe there isn’t yet a community allotment here in Brixham. It can only be a matter of time.

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